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Private Lands Hunting Access

Western Pacific Timber - Goldendale  (794)

Land Access Information

Hunt Type: Feel Free to Hunt

What's Huntable Here
All Species Huntable

Access Times

Start: NA    End: NA

Access Acres: 60000.00

Scouting is allowed

More information/comments
This site encompasses 60,000 acres of Western Pacific Timber (WPT) land west of Highway 97. Western Pacific Timber land east of Highway 97 is closed to public access. Please refer to the Klickitat Co. GIS page (http://imap.klickitatcounty.org/#10/45.8278/-120.7397/c22ecdf827df6af49a) to identify parcels owned by WPT, as they are not included on the WDFW map. Additional access points and gates are also present but not depicted on the WDFW map. All users must follow the recreation use policies outlined by Western Pacific Timber, LLC. (http://wptimber.com/about/rules-recreation-policy/). Please check the above Western Pacific Timber website, particularly during summer months, for updated land closures due to fire risk or forestry activities. Temporary blinds and tree stands are permitted, but must be removed and cause no damage to trees. Remove all litter and garbage.

Hunting Blinds Allowed
Temporary blinds ok

Tree Stands Allowed
Temporary stands ok

Access Modes

All Non Motorized Modes  No motorized access. Electric bicycles are considered motorized for these purposes.

Weapon Info

Any Legal Weapon

Accessing this site

Feel Free to Hunt includes access to private lands where WDFW has a management agreement with the owner to provide public access for hunting. Hunters are not required to gain additional permission when hunting lands posted with a Feel Free to Hunt sign.
Location Information

Klickitat County

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Hunt Opportunities

General Hunt
All hunting seasons

No restrictions on number of hunters

Mapping Information

Points and boundaries for this site are indicated by the number 794 on the map below.The map is intended for illustration purposes to orient hunters to the approximate location of the site’s features.  Boundaries and other rules posted in the field must be observed.

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